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Writer's Software for Authors and Students

                                                    New: Compatible with Windows 7

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Wizards for Authors

This configuration is a special version for authors creating fiction or nonfiction. After you finish your book length manuscript, Agent Wizard will help you hook a literary agent. It's Wizards for Word (less the student Paper Wizard) plus Agent Wizard (with free updates) in a cost saving package. A best buy for Authors
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Wizards for Students

A low cost configuration for student scholars writing term papers, theses, dissertations, or journals. Features Paper Wizard for creation of papers in APA, MLA, or Turabian/Chicago. Includes a full featured custom database, Citation Wizard, to store, view, edit your virtual note cards or APA/MLA citations to link with Paper Wiz to create those reference/works cited lists. Also includes links to Google Scholar and other online databases. As a bonus, Book Doctor/Ghost Reviewer included to check your word usage and grammatical style.
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Wizards for Word 3.O

The New Exciting Version of the original, favored by thousands of users. A complete writer's suite for both authors and students. Includes all the Wizards for Novelists, Nonfiction, and Scholarly Papers Plus Ghost Reviewer, a word usage and grammatical style checker.
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Agent Wizard

A literary agent submission package generator with a database of over 450 US and Canadian literary agents. Matches you to the right agents and generates customizable query letters with attachments, e.g., synopsis, nonfiction proposal, etc. Prints collated packages with labels for your envelopes.
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Wizards for Word Deluxe Version

The Works. Everything. Includes all the Wizards for Students and Authors including Agent Wizard and Citation Wizard . Whether you're writing a doctoral dissertation, the great American novel, or your own biography, this product does it all.
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Citation Wizard Add-On

The Citation Wizard Add-on is for those users who have either Wizards for Word 3.0 or Wizards for Authors and wish to add the Citation database.
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For Version 2.0 Users:
    What's new in Version 3.0  and Special Upgrade Pricing
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Manuscript Repair Services

For those who wish to have their Novel or Nonfiction Word manuscript reformatted.
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